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Fish And Chips

Baked Haddock

Our Menu


Sauce Choices:
Buffalo | Sweet Chili | Honey Mustard | Honey BBQ | Ranch | Bleu Cheese

Hand Cut Fries

Small - 3 | Large - 5.5

$7.00Onion Rings

$7.00Sriracha Fries

Served with sriracha bourbon sauce

$7.00Mozzarella Sticks

$7.50Boneless Chicken Tenders

$7.50Chicken Wings

$8.00Cajun BBQ Wings

Signature Starters

$8.00Loaded Fries

Bacon, mozzarella & sour cream

$8.00Avocado Fries

Served with jalapeño ranch

$8.00Fried Calamari

$8.00Fresh Fried Mozzarella

Topped with balsamic reduction


With a choice of lemon garlic butter or diablo sauce

$8.00Risotto Balls

Stuffed with smoked bacon, pecorino cheese, garlic and fresh basil topped with a creamy house marinara sauce

$8.00Mac N Cheese Balls

Rolled with bacon with seasoned breadcrumbs, lightly fried with jalapeño cheese sauce

$9.00Fried Wonder Raviolis

Cheese raviolis marinated in a Cajun buffalo BBQ sauce, hand breaded, lightly fried and topped with mozzarella, bacon and ranch dressing

Soups & Salads

Dressing Choices
House Italian | Ranch | Bleu Cheese | Honey Mustard | Caesar | Balsamic

$4.50Chicken Noodle

$4.50Italian Wedding

$4.50Pasta Fagioli

$4.00Mixed Salad

$6.00Seasonal Salad

Mixed field greens, walnuts, craisins, warm goat cheese balls, & balsamic vinaigrette.
Add Grilled Chicken or Sausage +3


For 1 - 5.5, Add Sausage or Tuna +2
For 2 - 10, Add Sausage or Tuna +4

$5.50Caesar Salad

Add Grilled Chicken +3

Pasta Dishes

Pasta Choices
Penne | Linguini | Spaghetti | Cheese Ravioli (+1.00)

$9.00Homemade Sauce





$14.00Chicken Parmigiana

$15.00Veal Parmigiana


With choice of diablo sauce or lemon garlic butter served over your choice of pasta

$14.00Eggplant Parmigiana

$14.00Italian Duo

Lasagna & eggplant with a choice of either 1 meatball or 1 sausage served with garlic bread

$14.00Clam Sauce

White or red


Served with garlic bread

$14.00Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo


All Burgers served with handcut fries. Our burgers are 1/2 lb of 100% Angus Beef

$10.00Classic Burger

Lettuce, tomato, American cheese

$13.00Rodeo Burger

Bacon, fried onion strings, American cheese & BBQ Sauce

$13.00Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger

Lettuce, tomato, bacon & bleu cheese dressing

$13.00All American Burger

Lettuce, tomato, bacon, American cheese and wonder sauce

$10.00Build Your Own Burger

Additional Toppings +.50
Spinach | Mushrooms | Green Peppers | Pickles | Fried Onion Strings | Jalapeños | Banana Peppers | Bacon (+2)


All sandwiches served with a choice of handcut fries or pasta salad

Breads: Housemade Italian Sub Roll | Housemade Focaccia | Sliced Bread (white) | Wrap (plain or wheat)

Toppings: Mayo | Mustard | Oil | Vinegar | Lettuce | Tomato | Onion
Pickles (+.50) | Pepperoncini (+.50) | Hot Pepper Relish (+.50) | Jalapeños (+.50) | Olives (+.50) | Banana Peppers (+.50) | Bacon (+2)

Cheeses: American | Provolone | Mozzarella | Swiss


With or without cheese


With or without cheese

$9.00Eggplant Parmigiana

With or without cheese

$9.00Chicken Parmigiana

With or without cheese

$10.00Veal Parmigiana

With or without cheese

$9.00Grilled Chicken

$9.00Italian Club

Imported ham, onions, capicola, genoa salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, oil, vinegar, oregano

$10.00Steak & American Cheese

$12.00Steak & American Cheese Bomb

With green peppers, onions and mushrooms


$8.00Ham and American Cheese


$9.00Chicken Salad

With or without cranberries & walnuts

$12.00Chicken Salad Bacon Wrap

Chicken salad, bacon, avocado mayo, lettuce & tomato

$12.00Pastrami On Rye

With mustard and Swiss


$12.00Buffalo Chicken

Housemade calzone stuffed with buffalo chicken (grilled or crispy) & mozzarella cheese with your choice of ranch dressing or marinara

$12.00Italian Calzone

Housemade calzone stuffed with imported ham, salami, mozzarella cheese, Italian seasoning & marinara

Create Your Own

Starting at 10
Add Vegetables +1 | Meat & Extra Cheese +2

$12.00Steak and Cheese Stromboli

Hand rolled Stromboli bread with garlic butter spread, stuffed with shaved steak, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and American cheese

Classic Thin Crust Pizza

Additional Toppings
Vegetables +1
Meat or Extra Cheese +2

We can create any combination or pizza, just ask!!










$13.003 Cheese White


Ham & salami

$13.00Fresh Sliced Tomato

$14.00Fresh Sliced Tomato & Bacon

$14.50Spinach Chicken & Garlic



Ham & pineapple

$13.50White Clam & Garlic

$16.00Pesto Pizza Supreme

Pesto based pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, roasted peppers and grilled chicken


Sausage, peppers, mushrooms


With hamburger, cheese, bacon, red onion, topped with lettuce & tomato, tossed with wonder sauce

$15.00Caesar Salad Pizza

Choice of crispy or grilled chicken, sliced tomato

$15.00Buffalo Chicken

Choice of grilled or crispy chicken, & red sauce or ranch sauce

$17.00"The Carlos"

Macaroni & cheese & buffalo chicken on top of an alfredo base pizza

$13.00Gluten Free Cheese

$17.00"The Wonder Pig"

Ham, bacon & sausage

$16.50Frutta Di Mare

Traditional white cheese pizza topped with haddock, mussels, calamari & clams when available

$16.00"The Sicilian"

Capicola, salami, sausage, fresh sliced mozzarella & ricotta

$16.00Chicken, Bacon, Ranch

$32.002 Cheese Pizzas + A Pitcher of Beer

Bud Light | Coors Light | Yuengling Lager

Kids Meals

12 & Under

$5.00Grilled Cheese

With fries

$6.00Chicken Tenders

With fries


With butter or with sauce


$6.00N.Y. Cheesecake

$6.00Turtle Cheesecake

$5.00Molten Chocolate Cake


Fountain Drinks & Beverages


$1.95Diet Coke


$1.95Ginger Ale

$1.95Unsweetened Iced Tea

$1.95Arizona Ice Tea


$1.95IBC Root Beer

$1.95Soda Water

$1.95Tonic Water

$1.95San Pellegrino

$1.95Gosling Ginger Beer

$1.00Poland Spring Water

$2.25Shirley Temple

$1.95Chocolate Milk

$1.95Coffee or Tea

$1.95Orange Juice

$1.95Cranberry Juice

$1.95Pineapple Juice


$4.00Cappucino Espresso

Drink Menu

Ask your server for our seasonal selections



Pinot Grigio | Chardonnay | Cabernet | Merlot | Pinot Noir | Sauvignon Blanc

$9.00Martini & Rossi



White Zin | Moscato


Pinot Noir | Chardonnay
9 | 32


7 | 25

Bottled Beer


Bud Light

Coors Light

Michelob Ultra

Miller Light



Harpoon IPA



Sam Adams Boston Lager

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Stella Artois

Miller High Life

O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic

Angry Orchard

Mike's Hard Lemonade

Twisted Tea

Not Your Father's Root Beer

Draft Beer

Pitchers of beer available!

Bud Light

Coors Light

Blue Moon

Yuengling Lager

Sam Seasonal

All menu items are cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
Please Inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy before placing your order.